Book Cover Love: The Polygamist by Sukoluhle “Sue” Nyathi


I took one look at this book cover and laughed.  The cover art neatly captures the overriding theme of this book, i.e. polygamy.

The Polygamist is a work of fiction written by Zimbabwean author, Sukoluhle “Sue” Nyathi.  Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, The Polygamist, is Sue’s debut novel.  The summary reads as follows:

The Polygamist is about the lives of four women and their involvement with one man, Jonasi Gomora.  Jonasi is one of the richest black men in Zimbabwe and he has a weakness for women.   The story explores in great  detail the impact of Polygamy on Joyce Gomora, Matipa, Essie and Lindani.  It provides readers with a modern view of the dynamics of Polygamy in society.

Why I Love this Cover: It’s very simple.  There’s nothing on this cover apart from the most important characters in the story.  The designer was able to capture the essence of the story without over-crowding the cover with too many details.  I also like the playfulness, displayed by the man checking out women with dark shades on.  I think many women (and men) can relate.  Do I really need to point out the fact that this is an illustrated book cover? I just did.  I love illustration, and I think the artist did a good job with this book cover.

You can read a detailed review of the book on Diaspora Darlings.

Buy it: Amazon | iTunes

Picture from African Book Covers

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